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TeaVitall Anyday Tibetan tea drink


Daily tea drink

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Mysterious Shambhala to which, on beliefs, only the elite could get earlier is open also for you now. In the Tibet tea drink all force and beauty of these improbable places reveals. Make a trip to the world of unusual tastes and refined aromas, absorb wisdom of the Tibetan monks, be loaded with energy of mountains, learn about ancient traditions of these places. The harmonious combination of components of tea drink will make your travel special: black tea will give forces, notes of smoke and dried fruits of tea Pu-erh will add cheerfulness, the tartness of a bergenia will allow to be in a tone, and the calming aroma of a bergamot will fill with an internal pacification.

Tibet Tea is a secret of east wisdom.


Fill in 1 tea bag with hot water (temperature about 90 °C) and let’s infuse 5-7 minutes.

38 the filter of packages on 1.8 g

the Net weight of 68.4 g

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Structure: tea black, tea Pu-erh, bergenia (sheet), essential oil of a bergamot. Tea black — the most popular drink in the world. This popularity is explained by noble reserved taste, refined aroma and advantage for an organism. Black tea contains less caffeine, than in coffee, but also this quantity is enough to present you cheerfulness for all day. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients in structure and insignificant caloric content — one more arguments in favor of the choice of black tea. Tea Pu-erh contains vitamins of the A, C, P and E groups which reduce amount of cholesterol, improves digestion, normalizes amount of sugar in blood. Drink perfectly tones up and gives cheerfulness for all day. Leaves of a bergenia contain vitamins and minerals, tannins and essential oils which has the antimicrobial, knitting, anti-inflammatory effect. Tea drink with a bergenia gives force and tones up an organism and also strengthens vessels. Essential oil of a bergamot gives to tea drink citrus notes and original, with anything incomparable aroma. Oil of a bergamot calms nervous system, improves digestion, makes the anti-inflammatory all-strengthening impact on an organism.

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