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TeaVitall Express Banquet 5, 30 filter packages


Tea drink for digestion

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Against the background of problems with digestion, low-quality digestion of food and a zashlakovannost of an organism at many skin can spoil, aging process becomes more active, the immunity decreases. Besides, heartburn, a meteorizm, abdominal murmur begin to disturb. Tea drink for improvement of digestion of TeaVitall Express Banquet is created according to the author’s recipe from high-quality black tea with addition of a volodushka, an immortelle, apple-tree and anise coping with these problems.

the Balanced formula TeaVitall Express Banquet promotes restoration and maintenance of health of digestive tract and helps digestion of food. In a tea bouquet the top notes reveal taste of an anise, and when cooling the gentle apple aroma is shown.

All of us seldom find time for three full meals, besides having a snack. If the breakfast, then most often is sandwiches. Dishes from the menu of complex lunches are not always useful, their choice is limited. It negatively affects digestion. Prerequisites to development of problems with digestive tract are also long drug intake, an inactive way of life, sedentary work, hard tap water. The organism struggles with cold longer, the allergy becomes aggravated, new diseases develop.

Drink for digestion of Banquet from a collection of the TeaVitall Express tea drinks will help you to feel comfortable and to forget about the annoying symptoms of disorder of a digestive tract. Created on the basis of black tea and complemented with herbs he will help to feel confident with any circumstances.

Course receptions of TeaVitall Express Banquet will allow to get rid of feeling of weight, nausea and heartburn after a meal, abdominal murmur at the most inappropriate moment, a meteorizm and the other annoying symptoms will stop. Cells of a liver after long intake of medicines, poisonings, an anesthesia will be quicker restored, and even excess centimeters gradually will begin to go to waists.

the TeaVitall Express Banquet Tea drink — the irreplaceable assistant in soft digestion of heavy food.

Net weight: 60 g

the 30th filter software packages of 2 g

Way of preparation: fill in 1 — 2 tea the filter package of 150 — 200 ml of hot water with the temperature of 90 °C and let’s infuse 7 — 9 minutes.

Storage conditions: to store in the dry, protected from light place without foreign smells, at relative air humidity no more than 70%.

of the Contraindication: has no contraindications, except individual intolerance of components.

Expiration date: 18 months from the date of production.

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Indian black tea, volodushka golden (grass), immortelle sandy (flowers), apple-tree house (fruits), anise (seeds), repeshok hairy (grass), anisetree (fruits).   Black tea accelerates a metabolism, promotes release of gastric juice, reduces cholesterol level, increases immunity and cleans an organism from toxins. The immortelle has therapeutic effect at diseases of a liver, gall bladder and bilious ways. Stimulates function of a stomach and pancreas, improves a metabolism. Repeshok hairy promotes regeneration of a liver at chronic diseases, is known as good bile-expelling cure for diseases of a liver and a gall bladder. Has sokogonny effect on a stomach and a pancreas, regulates activity of digestive tract. The apple-tree has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. Its fruits are used for prevention of infectious diseases of a gastrointestinal tract and intestinal infections. An anise — good spazmolitik. Also it promotes increase in secretion of digestive tract, improves a vermicular movement, normalizes bile outflow. The anisetree — contains essential oil, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B and phosphorus in the fruits. Stimulates appetite, increases mood, normalizes digestion, strengthens immunity.

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