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TeaVitall Express Bravo 4, 30 filter packages


The tea drink toning

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When fatigue collects and it is harder and harder to get up in the morning every day, the working capacity decreases already by a lunch, and in the evening of forces it is not necessary even to make a dinner, we recommend to taste the toning Bravo tea drink from the TeaVitall Express collection. The balanced formula TeaVitall Express Bravo helps to overcome fatigue, has the toning effect on an organism, gives force for rich and active life, returns working capacity and good mood.

Thanks to spicy notes of allspice and cardamom the bouquet of tea drink is filled with bright taste and the awakening aroma.

From time to time even the most vigorous person feels

on a limit of vital forces. Such state can be connected with seasonality, burning out at work or disorders in family. Emotions either leave at all, or give way to a negative. It can strongly affect all spheres of life and bring a set of troubles.

to Cope with fatigue, to stabilize a psychoemotional state and quickly the TeaVitall Express Bravo tea drink will help to return to active life. Drink components — the natural power engineering specialists capable to stir up brain activity to increase physical and intellectual working capacity, to support the general health and to load with additional cheerfulness.

Thanks to tea drink the joy of communication will return, the brain will begin to penetrate quickly into tasks, the maximum efficiency will be restored and the immunity will become stronger.

the Author’s recipe of TeaVitall Express Bravo is created by

from high-quality Indian black and Chinese green chayov with addition of a maraly root, cardamom, a gold root, allspice and fruits of an anisetree.

Net weight: 60 g

the 30th filter software packages of 2 g

Way of preparation: fill in 1 — 2 tea the filter package of 150 — 200 ml of hot water with the temperature of 90 °C and let’s infuse 7 — 9 minutes.

Storage conditions: to store in the dry, protected from light place without foreign smells, at relative air humidity no more than 70%.

of the Contraindication: the use by children aged up to 18 years,

is not recommended


at pregnancy and feeding by a breast and also faces suffering from the increased nervous excitability, insomnia, arterial hypertension. The individual intolerance of components is possible.

Expiration date: 18 months from the date of production.

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Indian black tea, Chinese green tea, cardamom (fruits), maraly root, gold root, allspice (fruits), anisetree (fruits).   The Maraly root helps to restore forces, promotes strengthening of immunity and saturation of an organism vitamins. Renders the stimulating and toning actions on nervous system. The plant helps to stabilize arterial blood pressure and to improve blood circulation thanks to what the intellectual activity increases. Cardamom has the set of properties — strengthening, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and others. Promotes stimulation of work of nervous cages, removal of irritation, increase in a tone of an organism and improvement of mood. Allspice is rich with Retinolum, vitamin C, group B vitamins, potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and magnesium. It promotes giving of forces and cheerfulness, restoration of vital energy and has the toning properties. The gold root (a radio-gramophone pink) — contributes to normalization of work of nervous system, elimination of symptoms of overfatigue and increase in vitality. The anisetree — contains essential oil, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B and phosphorus in the fruits. Stimulates appetite, increases mood, reduces psychoemotional excitability, strengthens immunity. The combination black and green chayov is a powerful natural power engineering specialist.

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