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TeaVitall Express Premier 3, 30 filter packages


Tea drink for male health

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Men are constantly busy with «more important issues», and on own health they often do not have time. Therefore they trust reliable tools which are designed to support their healthy state. Such as men’s TeaVitall Express Premier tea. It it is guaranteed will help to avoid discomfortable and inappropriate problems with male health and also has toning and improving effects.

Thanks to spicy notes of pepper, a carnation and ginger tea drink has bright taste and unique aroma.

When men have problems with health, symptoms, as a rule, are most often ignored until the discomfort does not begin to influence their private or professional life seriously. The reasons of diseases can be different — from constant stresses at work to bad ecology. Therefore men surely need irreplaceable assistants to continue to conquer this world.

One of these assistants — the Premier tea drink of the TeaVitall Express collection. It is created according to the author’s recipe from high-quality Indian black tea with addition of a willow-herb, maraly root, a licorice, pepper, a carnation and ginger.

Tea drink will allow to sleep well, easier to cope with intellectual and physical activities, to control the level of cholesterol and to reduce risk of catarrhal diseases. Besides, its components favorably influence a men’s potentiality. Thus, TeaVitall Express Premier helps a male body to remain always in good shape.

Net weight: 60 g

the 30th filter software packages of 2 g

Way of preparation: fill in 1 — 2 tea the filter package of 150 — 200 ml of hot water with the temperature of 90 °C and let’s infuse 7 — 9 minutes.

Storage conditions: to store in the dry, protected from light place without foreign smells, at relative air humidity no more than 70%.

of the Contraindication: has no contraindications, except individual intolerance of components.

Expiration date: 18 months from the date of production.

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Willow-herb narrow-leaved the fermented (sheet), the Indian black tea, a willow-herb narrow-leaved (sheet), a licorice naked (root), ginger (root), a carnation (flowers), allspice (fruits), a maraly root.   The willow-herb is favorable at insomnia, the increased irritability, nervous overexcitation. It perfectly tones up, gives forces, takes off fatigue, invigorates and at the same time does not contain undesirable substances with which coffee is rich. Has antiedematous, anti-inflammatory and antiviral actions. The Maraly root has antioxidant activity, neutralizes free radicals and brings out of an organism of salt of heavy metals. Raises a libido and promotes prevention of diseases of an urinogenital system. The licorice reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol in blood, normalizes work of a cardiovascular system. Allspice is another component which awakens forces, tones up, promotes restoration of vital energy and also fights against the internal centers of infections. Ginger speeds up work of a prostate gland and helps to cope with its inflammation. Improves blood circulation in bodies of a small pelvis. The carnation makes active cellular immunity, has expressed antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Black Indian tea has the all-strengthening and restoring properties. Provides reliable hygiene of an oral cavity, helps at treatment of periodontosis, accelerates a metabolism, interferes with formation of blood clots and does taste of tea saturated and rich.

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